Comfort Food for the SNOW

Warning: I had 2 Woodchuck ciders prior to writing this.  Don’t judge me.

So it’s snowing AGAIN in New Jersey…I figured a little yoga and some chicken soup would do the job today, along with some spring cleaning.  I have today and tomorrow off from work.  WOO!

Got out the good old Crockpot.  Made a pretty simple, but oh so satisfying version of chicken soup.  I got this pretty neat contraption for Christmas that finely dices my onions with a little bit of effort, but much less effort than chopping with a knife.  So, get yourself a medium yellow onion and dice that mo-fo!  Then get some carrots and celery…you can chop as much as you’d like.  I tend to do a lot, just because I like a lot of veggies in my soup.  After you’re done chopping all of that goodness, throw it in the Crockpot.  Then get yourself 8 cups of chicken broth (homemade or box), I go with low sodium because my dad has to limit his salt intake and I always make him extras.  Pour it into the Crockpot and give it a good stir.  Take your chicken (I never use whole chicken in my soup, just because I’d rather use chicken breasts, but go crazy!); I take a couple chicken breasts and throw them in.  Then use 1 tsp. of kosher salt, 1 tsp. of black pepper, 1 1/2 tsp. thyme, and 2 tsp. EVOO…I actually omit the salt, but you can add it….and put in into the Crockpot.  Add a bay leaf or two.  Chop up a little bit of fresh parsley and throw that in too!  Now you’re all set.

Turn the Crockpot on low for 7 hours.  Around hour 6, I take my chicken out and shred it with two forks, then throw it back in for another hour to soak up all the tasty soup.  Hour 7…OPEN THE CROCKPOT AND ENJOY!  You can add more salt and pepper to taste.  …and VOILA!  After you go out and shovel the fifteen feet of snow that just fell from the sky, you can come in and enjoy a nice hot bowl of chicken soup…paleo style.

Hold tight my New England friends…spring is near!  You may have to hide your Easter eggs in the snow, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy whatever it was you gave up for lent (dark chocolate for me).  😉

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”

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I’m a 36 year old kid at heart. I reached a low point in my life where I felt like I needed to take control before I didn’t have the choice, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. It’s going to be my life long goal to always achieve optimum health…I am still young after all. Here I am, over one year into my Paleo journey, and I never felt better.

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