A quick review on Julian Bakery’s Paleo Coconut Flakes

Eggs, eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage, hard boiled eggs, fried eggs, etc…. but what if you can’t tolerate eggs! What if grass fed whey protein doesn’t fit into your Paleo Paradigm, or Bullet Proof Coffee doesn’t toot your horn. What are you to do? I may have found an option for you.

Julian Bakery just released its take on cereal called Paleo Coconut Flakes. For those of you familiar with Julian Bakery they also made waves through the Paleo Community with Paleo Wraps.  Here is what I like and do not like about this product.


  • Only 3 ingredients – coconut meat, coconut water, and palm starch
  • Relatively high in fat, low in protein, and low in sugar
  • Tastes very good with good texture that holds up to coconut milk well
  • Sweet enough so that added sweeteners are not needed.


  • Box lists 10 servings in the entire box – this is ridiculous – 3 is more like it
  • Price – $8.99 a box

All in all I highly recommend this product as a quick and easy breakfast solution.  You can purchase it at

Dr. Noah De Koyer


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Dr. Noah is a lifelong Chiropractic patient and Paleo Lifestyle enthusiast. At a very early age Dr. Noah suffered from chronic strep throat and earaches. His health was restored from specific Chiropractic adjusting. Dr. Noah graduated in December 2000 from Life University. He is a member of the ANJC since its inception, an avid runner, a Toastmaster, a Rotarian, Board Member of the Ahern Scholarship Foundation, SHINE Doctor, and co-founder of EPOC NJ. He has been married to his beautiful wife Kerri for 12 years and has two incredible children. Dr. Noah can be reached at 201-437-0033, on Facebook, at my Blog, at my app in the IPhone app store, or at

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  • Hi, These ARE delicious and I was just searching reviews when I came across yours. I DO get 10 servings out of a box, because I find that there is so much fiber in this that I really can’t eat more without adverse affects. The coconut fiber keeps me full for hours. Really loving this stuff.

  • Hi,
    I was looking for a “homemade” recipe to make this delicious cereal myself, and that is when I came across your review….I agree totally, the cereal tastes great, is good for you, but because of the price….way too expensive! I agree that you do not get 10 servings out of one box, thus the reason I wish I could figure out how to make this cereal at home.

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