Every day is a new day

Okay, okay.  I know what you’re thinking – oh here she is, “back on the horse” AGAIN…trying to eat cleaner…AGAIN.  Well, you’re not wrong.

I have been moving very slow in this journey.  It took me awhile to recover from the great losses I suffered in 2020, and adjusting to working from home and a new role at my job.  I am well aware it’s 2 years later, but it was rough.  I have been trying to make changes one at a time – getting through the adjustment period.  I have been working on being more active, more often.

I dusted off all my paleo/clean eating books and magazines.  I am focused on putting healthier food into my body.  I haven’t been sleeping great consistently – I have nights where I do sleep soundly, but there are nights I do not.  And my sinuses have been horrendously messed up…not just from allergies.

Using food as coping mechanism for so long is a hard habit to break.  I crave sweet things most of the time.  I can get on a 3 day kick of eating better, and then usually work stress gets me, or it’s the weekend.

The first thing I want to break is my sugar addiction.  I remember how hard this was the first time, but I also remember how rewarding it was.  I just turned 39, and I need to get my butt in gear.

I am starting with trying to make a meal plan – scouring all these books that I own, and making the best choices I can.

It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll get it done.  I’ve done it before.

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night.  Take these broken wings and learn to fly.”

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I’m a 36 year old kid at heart. I reached a low point in my life where I felt like I needed to take control before I didn’t have the choice, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. It’s going to be my life long goal to always achieve optimum health…I am still young after all. Here I am, over one year into my Paleo journey, and I never felt better.

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