While enjoying a spoonful of So Delicious coconut milk green tea ice cream, I decided to read the ingredients.  Oi.  I opened a whole new can of worms with that one.  It contains guar gum, but on a happy note…it’s soy and dairy free!  I have read online about guar gum not really being Paleo.  For some people with IBS it apparently wrecks their stomach.  Some interesting facts I found out…it’s an additive that keeps coconut milk from separating (so it looks nice), it is from the guar bean (big Paleo no-no), it helps increase viscosity of liquids, and according to WebMD…get ready…it’s used as a laxative! Oi.  I need to do some other research about guar gum, but it doesn’t sound like a good option right now.

I came across this page “Paleo Guide to Food Additives“…now I know why I had to get white balsamic vinegar.  I have to make some adjustments after reading this list, but that’s okay.  It’s all a learning experience…and I’m all for it.  🙂  Happy reading!  If you haven’t added me on twitter yet…go do it!  @paleyoblog

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci-

Cooking is My New Obsession

Can’t tell you how excited I was to eat breakfast this morning!!  I made pancakes and eggs last night…and just finished them!  So good!!  I usually make my pancakes with almond flour, but I went with coconut and tapioca flour this time.  They may actually be a little more tasty, although, I’ll have to make both, try them, and compare.  🙂  Challenge accepted!

Dinner was steak with peppers and onions.  I used some adobo seasoning on the steak, and put cumin, garlic, and cayenne pepper in the peppers and onions.  I needed to use the peppers…and that’s how I came to my decision.  I was also in the mood for some guacamole…and it was the perfect side dish!  Have I mentioned that I bought myself a KitchenAid food chopper, and I got it in pink!?  Making guacamole is SO EASY with that thing!  Actually, it comes in really handy most of the time.  I recommend getting one.  It doesn’t take up much room and it makes chopping onions easy!

I went from never cooking (and not knowing how to), to LOVING IT!  I can’t wait to buy more little kitchen gadgets and stuff.  I need some new knives I think.  I have to do some research, because the same knife I use to cut my tomatoes isn’t the same one I should use for my chicken!  Wait, does this mean I’m getting old, since I love all the different tools I can use to cook?

Time to make my grocery list (my other new favorite thing), and I may look for some coupons!  Food shopping day is tomorrow!  Is this real life?  🙂

“My cooking is so awesome, even the smoke alarm cheers me on.”

It’s the Little Things

Last night I went with Chicken Francese instead of the shredded chicken I thought I was going to make.  I miss it, so I searched high and low (actually, just on google) for a recipe…and found one!  Although it was a self proclaimed Paleo recipe, it called for Parmesan cheese (which i omitted).  I’m still trying to understand Paleo fully, but I don’t think Parmesan cheese is allowed.

It came out so incredibly delicious!  It makes me really happy to find recipes like this.  🙂

I’m feeling better than ever lately, and it’s coming up on 2 months!

“Don’t give up on what you want most,

for what you want now.”


Today, You Are You

I know, I know…my loyal blog followers are probably wondering, “Is she still doing Paleo?  Has she reverted back to her old ways? Where is she!?!?”  Well, have no fear, friends, I’m here!  I’m still doing Paleo…going strong.  I was busy the past few days, and my internet wasn’t working yesterday for some reason…but I’m back!

Okay, so last night…first REAL attempt at creating my own recipe.  I took some steaks I had and I was feelin’ a little Italian.  Took out a can of diced tomatoes, some garlic, onions, marjoram, basil, and oregano.  I threw everything but the steaks into a pan with some olive oil and cooked it up.  Then I put that in a bowl and started cooking the steaks.  When the steaks were done, I threw my tomatoes and spices on top.  As a side I took some zucchini, artichoke hearts, bell peppers, banana peppers, onions, and all the seasoning I used for the steaks, plus garlic powder, and cooked it up.  It was so good…and I even had some this morning for breakfast.  Paleo is easy, because it’s delicious! ’nuff said.

Last night, my friend Kate posted a Paleo Salted Caramel Bacon Bark recipe on my Facebook page…needless to say, I immediately went online to see where I could buy coconut sugar (Vitamin Shoppe), and set out on a mission!  I got my coconut sugar five minutes before the store closed…headed home…and got busy making this amazing treat!  The caramel was way better than I was expecting.  It took some time to make, but it was so worth it.  Besides, anything with bacon is amazing!  The dark chocolate I get is the “Enjoy Life” brand; it’s soy, dairy, and nut free.  🙂  I’m not sure what I’m making tonight for dinner, but I’m feeling some BBQ shredded chicken…saw the recipe here.

I’m working on compiling a notebook with all of my favorite Paleo recipes, this way I have them in one place when I need them!  BTW, Halloween is coming…gonna have to pass up all that candy.  This will be a true test for me, but I can do it!  Anyone making any Paleo Halloween treats?  I may try to make some.  I have a few ideas in mind.

“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true.  

There is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU.”

-Dr. Seuss-

Asian Inspired Paleo

I was in the mood for Chinese last night…so I Googled recipes from the Chinese Restaurant-Paleo style.  Ding Ding Ding we have a winner!  General Tso’s.  The recipes I saw online looked promising.  I ended up combining a few…the next time I make it, I have to try to make my own sauce.  I wasn’t really thrilled with the sauce recipes online.  Does anyone have any good suggestions?  Send em’ my way!  It tasted good, don’t get me wrong…I just think the sauce could have been made a little different.

Tonight for dinner, asian inspired as well, I just made some beef and broccoli.  I have the asian dishes pretty much down as far as making my own concoctions, and what I can put in them and such.  Just did some sesame oil, sesame seeds, coconut aminos, and some green onions.  I really enjoy this dish.  There’s a lot of meals you make that don’t seem so compromised.  Meaning, just because they are Paleo, doesn’t mean they taste “Paleo”, per se.  I enjoy cooking so much now that I actually cooked some pasta and made some garlic bread for my dad today.  It wasn’t Paleo, but I was okay with it.  I wasn’t tempted to eat it or anything…considering it was one of my favorite non-paleo meals.  I was proud of myself for being able to just make it and not even think twice about it.

I had a really busy day, so I just grabbed some eggs and roast beef for breakfast, and a Quest bar for lunch.  Then ended up making dinner, but not even actually eating it.  I made a lot of food the past few days, so tomorrow may be leftover day!  Maybe I’ll try my hand at some Paleo ice cream again.

Working on some other stuff for the site, so stay tuned!  Also, subscribe please!

“Every day may not be good,

but there is something good in every day. “


Life is Awesome

Ahhh, yes.  Dinner was another tasty success!  I made these little meatloaf “cupcakes”.  I put the ground beef with all the seasonings and cooked, chopped up bacon, into a cupcake tray and put it in the oven!  Bam!  Individual meatloafs, with plenty left over for a quick grab the next few days…including breakfast tomorrow!  Went with some asparagus with balsamic and garlic as a side.  Healthy and scrumdiddlyumtious!  It didn’t take long to make either, so another meal on the quick list.  I want to go big tomorrow for dinner…guess I’m going to have to do some research in the morning.

I wonder if there’s a way to make a Paleo bagel with Paleo cream cheese??  Anyone have any suggestions?  And on a totally different note, Thanksgiving is coming soon (I know it’s still far away), but has anyone ever had a Paleo Thanksgiving?  I’m looking forward to constructing one this year!  It may be a challenge, but I’m ready for it.

If you haven’t noticed, a subscribe button was added to the blog, so feel free to add your e-mail address to it!

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.”


Feeling Better Now Than Ever Before.

This is getting easier by the day!  I must say, I am pleasantly surprised.

I made buffalo chicken “pasta” for dinner last night.  It came out better than I expected.  I had some extra Paleo friendly buffalo sauce that I had made for another meal, so I used that.  I had some today for breakfast.  Paleo breakfasts are much more filling than what I used to have, between the bagels and cereal…neither of which I miss.

Been reading a lot of Paleo articles online; comparing conflicting opinions about certain things.  Also learning the difference between Paleo and Primal.  Some articles about “why Paleo is bad” are rather comical.  Obviously, you can’t believe everything you read online.  I noticed with this lifestyle, you just have to figure out what formula works best for you and go with it.  Use other people’s observations and advice as guidance.  Give it at least 30 days to see how you really feel…I promise it won’t take that long to feel the difference.

I drink coffee, but I don’t actually enjoy coffee.  I work a 3am-11am shift at work, and with it, brings many challenges as far as sleep and diet go.   I need coffee to get through most mornings.  At the beginning of this huge change in my life, I was drinking one cup of coffee with no sugar and heavy cream, or coconut milk.  Now, I sometimes enjoy a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts…cream, no sugar.  I’m well aware that there’s probably so much sugar in the pumpkin flavored syrup they use, but it hasn’t affected the way I feel, and I don’t drink it everyday.  If your worried about the sugar, you can ask for less syrup.  I also read in a lot of places that you can enjoy a little bit of sugar in your allowed, one coffee, a day.  Like I said, your way of living needs to work for you.  If you find that the little bit of extra sugar in your coffee in the morning isn’t making you feel good, then you probably don’t need it.

So as I was saying, I work an early shift; this causes my sleeping and eating habits to be a little bit out of whack.  Before I started living Paleo, I would eat so many useless carbs when I got to work.  After an hour or two, my body would just crash and I would be starving!  This all led to overeating and comfort foods.  I started working here in 2007, and since that time I gained a good 40lbs. (…and since I started Paleo, I lost 21lbs. so far!)  I always felt so drained, and when I got home I would just lay around.  Now I’m happy to say that I feel better now at 30, than I did when I started working here…and I was 24 years young!

Yesterday, I decided to take out my tape measure and take some measurements.  Back in January, I took measurements because I decided to dedicate my life to the gym (which didn’t produce anything close to the results I see with Paleo).  Yesterday, my measurements were INCHES smaller than back in January.  I’m talking 4-6 inches in some places!  I don’t know if I said it before, but take pictures!  Take one everyday, full body…if not everyday, at least once a week.  One of my friends actually told me to wear an outfit…then in a few weeks, take a picture in the same outfit.  I am so proud of myself, and so lucky to have the support that I do have.

“If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way.

 If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”


Busy Days and Leftovers

Last night was leftover night.  I was pretty busy the whole day, so my buffalo chicken pasta has to wait until tonight.  I’m kind of excited about it because I LOVE SPAGHETTI SQUASH!  juss’ sayin.  🙂  It’s better that I’m doing that today anyway.  I took out the chicken too late to defrost yesterday.

I’m working on designing some t-shirts, but I’m not sure how I’m going to approach it yet.  So stayed tuned for that!

Over the next few weeks I want to work on making my own spice mix for some beef jerky, and maybe a recipe for some delicious, amazing, you won’t believe it’s paleo, cookies!  It will be quite the mission, but I’m ready to take it on, full steam ahead!

“If you want something you never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”


Another Day, Another Reason to Love Paleo

For real.

Lazy Sunday…I woke up later than I wanted to…at noon!  For breakfast, I ate a Cookie Dough Quest Bar, and that held me over for a bit.  I watched some football, did some laundry; then I went food shopping.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for dinner, so I just kind of walked around the supermarket to see what I was feeling.  I ended up grabbing some steaks, avocados, and tomatoes.  I grilled the steaks and then I made some guacamole.  Put the steak on a plate…put some guacamole on top.  Yum!  For a side, carrots, broccoli, and bacon go in a blender…and viola!  It was rather delicious.  Tomorrow for breakfast I plan on having eggs and some guacamole…I’m so fancy sometimes!

Okay, so as a reward for hitting a 20lb. loss, I cut my bangs!  I haven’t had bangs in years and I love them.  🙂  It’s the little things in life.

“Do not reward yourself with food.  You are not a dog.”


Chicken Thighs and Green Beans

For all my loyal blog readers, I went with the chicken for dinner yesterday, fish tonight for dinner!  I’m not the biggest fan of dark meat, but I went with the boneless, skinless chicken thighs; I’m more inclined to get chicken breast usually.  So I baked them with a spice mix for about 45 minutes to an hour, then I cooked up some green beans (it’s questionable as to whether or not they are Paleo, but I’ve read that they are okay on Paleo…and that’s my final answer).  I cooked them up with some butter, garlic, and lemon pepper.  They came out SO good.  Like I said in my previous blog, I was feeling adventurous, so I made my own gravy…EPIC FAIL.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  It was alright, but I definitely won’t be making that again.  If anyone has any good Paleo gravy recipes, please send them my way!

I went to a little market place close to my house that sells mostly gluten free stuff, but had a small Paleo section they were working on expanding.  They didn’t have much, but they had the Paleo Bread that I had been seeing online.  Needless to say I picked it up, brought it home, and made a tuna sandwich…another EPIC FAIL.  It just didn’t do it for me.  I much rather would use the Paleo pizza dough recipe, and use it as bread.  I’ll experiment with the rest of the Paleo bread I have, maybe toast it or use it as a hamburger bun, but like the gravy…first and last time I try that.

My fish dinner, also epic fail.  I baked some talapia with onions and tomatoes.  I was never really a big fish person, unless it’s sushi.  And although it may have tasted good, I just don’t really have the taste buds for it.  The real deal breaker was the bone in my fish…bit that, then I was really done. HaHa  It just wasn’t my day for food, but trial and error.  I shall learn from my mistakes!  I have a feeling I’m going to stay away from the fish dishes from now on.  I’ll probably do more with shrimp and mussels…because shrimp and mussels are AWESOME.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”