Amazing Things Will Happen

Another weekend has come and gone.  Down another pound or so…yippee!  I’m feeling so great, I can’t even describe it.  Had some masterpiece eggs for breakfast, and tonight for dinner I made a steak with yummy seasoning.  Attempted to make mashed cauliflower…and succeeded!  They were DELICIOUS.  Put the cauliflower in a pot…broke it up with my hands, then I mixed a cup of chicken broth, some smashed up garlic, and a 1/2 tsp of black pepper…threw it all it…let it go for 25 minutes or so…then MASHED it.  🙂  I can’t even believe that this existed before now, and nobody ever told me!  I’m a mashed potato kid so I figured nothing could compare **Nothing Compares 2 U playing in the background**, but this far surpassed my expectations.  I thought the cauliflower rice was pretty awesome, but this beat it by a landslide.  I will be making this much more often.  🙂

I realized that for two months, I haven’t really had any repeat meals.  I had some leftovers, and maybe one or two repeats (pizza), but I have searched far and wide for different things to try, and it worked.  Paleo is good…life is amazing.  No complaints here.

“Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get.
But if you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
I’m telling you: Amazing things will happen.”

-Conan O’Brien-

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I’m a 36 year old kid at heart. I reached a low point in my life where I felt like I needed to take control before I didn’t have the choice, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. It’s going to be my life long goal to always achieve optimum health…I am still young after all. Here I am, over one year into my Paleo journey, and I never felt better.

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