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Today is My Birthday

Today is my 33rd birthday!  I’m feeling better than ever, despite having a rough year for my stomach ailments.  Now that I know what’s going on with my stomach, I plan on working on getting myself back to 100% and then really kicking healthy living into gear.  I’d like to run a few 5Ks this year.  Happy birthday to me – I certainly don’t feel 33.

Once you figure out what works for you, you should stick with it.  I stick to a decently healthy, paleo diet…but if I have a weekend of “celebration” with treats and not-so-paleo food, I feel it – and I can see it on the scale!  The weight doesn’t stick around too long, but it isn’t just water weight.  Sugar really does effect us, especially a weekend where you decide to have a few ciders, wine, or gluten free beer.

My stomach is starting to feel better, but I’m really paying attention to what I put into my body.  I’m also making sure that I take my probiotic, B12, and cranberry pills in the morning.  Because of the condition I currently have, and the acid blockers I’m on for 4 weeks, my body has trouble absorbing magnesium and B12.  The cranberry pills help with the magnesium, and I’m also eating at least half a banana every morning to help with that as well.  I was feeling a little light headed the other day and after some research, I figured that that was the problem.  I stopped taking my vitamins in order to rule out things that were bothering my stomach – stopping them didn’t help at all.  I’m still going easy on the amount of stuff I ingest, in order to let the acid blockers work to their full potential!  It’s a lot to take in, but I am making progress, I think.

Anyone have any of their own opinions on aloe vera juice, or perhaps anything that may repair an inflamed esophagus from acid reflux?  Send them my way!

“Some things just get better with age.”

Where have you been?

Friends, I apologize for my absence.  While it’s not easy to maintain a full time job, hobbies, puppies, new nephew, meal prep, AND keep a blog at the same time…I feel bad that I have let you down.

Some updates:

I managed to get 2 A’s in my grad school classes, I had to skip out on the Spring Semester because the program my job has for reimbursement, plus student loan, and how many classes you have to take a semester – all didn’t agree.  Also, my nephew was born February 19!  He’s awesome.

On a more serious note, I’ve been battling a stomach/acid reflux thing again since November.  I was put on meds for a few weeks, but they didn’t resolve my problem.  I then made an appointment with a gastroenterologist – had to wait a few weeks to see him.  Finally got to see him and then he scheduled me for an endoscopy, which I had yesterday.  Went better than expected.  Everything looked good, but I do have a small hiatus hernia with esophagitis.  All of it is treatable – have to really focus on not eating acidic foods, eating 2 to 3 hours before bed, and losing some more weight – just a little.

Anyways, so Easter is coming up.  I’m not really worrying about it being strict Paleo (shhhhh….).  I’m not cooking, but I will be with family.  It’s my nephews first Easter, so I plan on enjoying it.

After my birthday (the 31st), I will try to get back into the swing of blogging.  Stay tuned!

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Winnie the Pooh