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Total Eclipse of the Mind

Maybe it was the eclipse, maybe it’s just an actual good day…but today was a very productive day.

I cleaned my turtle tank (extra good), and gave Francois (the turtle) a scrub down – a turtle spa day, if you will.  I mopped the floors, did laundry (clothes, sheets, and towels!), FOLDED everything (and I hate folding), painted an old cabinet to put my plants in (because now I’m a crazy cat lady), cooked, put gas in my tank, did some boxing rounds, and put all the laundry away!!  Insane.  And, I started the day with a blog post.  WHAT?!  Who am I??  haha

Today, I ate a yogurt when I got to work.  I had eggs with spinach for lunch.  For dinner I made a mexican chicken stir fry.  I didn’t have my fitbit on, but I definitely killed it in steps today!  Woo.  I’m a little sore from boxing, but c’est la vie.  I’m feeling great.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”


Keep It Simple

The key is to keep it simple.

My goals for the next few weeks are to building my cardio (again), lose 15 lbs., get healthy, and most importantly – feel amazing.  Feeling good is the priority.  If you don’t just feel good overall – even before reaching your goal – you’ll probably never achieve it.  Keeping it simple, helps you not feel overwhelmed.  I’ve followed Paleo to all different extremes.  I’ve followed a simple 30 day, I looked at books that made me have to search high and low for certain ingredients.  I’ve spent lots of money on food shopping and I’ve also spent hardly nothing.

It took me awhile to learn the basics.  I had to learn new things…I even had to learn how to cook!!  I had to follow books and recipes and plans to a T – because I didn’t understand it.  Now, I’m on a different level.  I get it.  I can integrate it in my own ways.  I understand the basics and the fundamentals of eating a Paleo based diet.


Some updates on where I’m at …

I have been working on my cardio and to my surprise, it’s coming back much easier than I thought.  I’ve been eating better and eating much smaller portions.  Although, I am having a hard time giving up my coffee (with sugar).  One thing at a time, right?

My Achilles tendons are still hurting me, so I’m taking my leg work easy.  I don’t need any injuries.  My mind has been in it, long before my body has.  But I’m adopting the attitude of “just get up and go”.  I’m pushing myself a little more than I have – well, a moderate amount more than I have.  I can still be doing more!!  I’ll get there.  I’m feeling good.

I kept my food shopping as simple as I could, as well.  Just bought some meat and lots of veggies.  I also bought a couple oranges and some aloe juice.  When you lead a busy life, sometimes the meal prep can be overwhelming.  It’s also the first thing that I give up if I feel like “I don’t have time”.  I have been finding time to get some good cardio in – keeping it over 35 minutes but under 45 – for maximum fat burning.

What keeps you guys motivated??

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”