Archive - February 2019

Eventually it will stick.

Today is my first day…again…for the 25th time (but really, I lost count).  I figure that one of these first times, it will stick – and I’ll be where I was the first time around.

Been working on getting my mindset back there.  I found some old notebooks about my paleo journey, from the beginning, and it was motivating.  At least it was motivating yesterday when I was reading them.  I got my food list, and went shopping.  I started for breakfast this morning.  I got through it.  Trying not to want to eat anything else though.  It’s a struggle, to be honest. I’m using the original book I used the first time – 30 day paleo.  First meal – Garlicky Brussel Sprouts with Poached Eggs (I fried them because I’m terrible at making poached eggs).

Lunch will be a cobb salad, and then the infamous Italian Wedding Ball Soup…I want to say ‘ugh’, but instead I will say, ‘Yay!’.  The power of positivity, right?  Really, I just want to stick with it this time!

If anyone has any words of advice or encouragement – I’m all ears.

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.”