Dr. Noah’s Kombucha Recipe


  • Glass ½ gallon mason jar
  • Cheese cloth
  • Rubber band or lid for mason jar


  • Filtered Water
  • ½ cup organic white sugar
  • 3 bags of organic tea black, green, or white
  • Kombucha mother and ½ cup booch from previous batch


Boil enough water to fill the mason jar 2/3 the way full, add sugar and tea bags, and let cool. Remove tea bags and discard. Now add kombucha mother and ½ cup reserved booch, put the lid on loosely or cover with cheese cloth.  It seems that covering the jar with a clean rag or cheese cloth may work better than putting the lid on, you may need to experiment.  Secure the cheese cloth or rag with a rubber band so it doesn’t fall off, and let the culturing process begin; anywhere from 10 days to three weeks depending on the temperature.  Cooler the temperature the longer it will take; higher the temperature the shorter it will take. If it’s left long enough it will turn into Kombucha vinegar (very good). The more consistent you are the more consistent your booch will be.  Remember cleanliness and keeping all equipment sterilized is very important!

A new mother will grow during the fermenting process.  You can share this, store this in the fridge with a little liquid and sugar, or simply discard it! It looks like a pancake.  It is possible that it will be stuck to your other mother, and you may have to separate it very, very gently.

Remember this is an alive organism and is sensitive to heat.  It is not too difficult to kill your Kombucha Mother, so be careful. .

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Dr. Noah is a lifelong Chiropractic patient and Paleo Lifestyle enthusiast. At a very early age Dr. Noah suffered from chronic strep throat and earaches. His health was restored from specific Chiropractic adjusting. Dr. Noah graduated in December 2000 from Life University. He is a member of the ANJC since its inception, an avid runner, a Toastmaster, a Rotarian, Board Member of the Ahern Scholarship Foundation, SHINE Doctor, and co-founder of EPOC NJ. He has been married to his beautiful wife Kerri for 12 years and has two incredible children. Dr. Noah can be reached at 201-437-0033, on Facebook, at my Blog, at my app in the IPhone app store, or at

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