My Advice to Starting Paleo

It’s probably pretty intimidating at first, any real lifestyle change would be – but when you break it down, Paleo is simple.  It shouldn’t be complicated.  At first you have to do a little bit of homework, but give yourself some time and you’ll have it down before you know it.

First off, go get yourself a book.  Preferably one with a 30 day meal plan – fool proof.  When I started, there wasn’t much out there, but now there’s so much!  The Practical Paleo books have a lot of information in them on the “whys” and “hows”, but the recipes are complicated, especially if you’re just starting out.

The stuff you need to stock your pantry with will be different than what you’re used to.  You’ll need things that you probably never even heard of – coconut aminos, tapioca flour, ghee…but after a few trips to the supermarket, it will become second nature.

You will buy meat that’s grass-fed.  Now it’s pretty much everywhere and labeled clearly.  Side note – if it says it’s from Australia – it’s grass-fed.  Trader Joe’s is a good place to go.

Don’t beat yourself up at first.  There’s a lot of adjustments to be made.  You should start with cleaning out the fridge and cabinets.  Then go shopping and buy all the stuff you need to fill them back up – Paleo style.

Browse the internet for blogs – people like me who are relatable.  You can always reach out with questions to other Paleo-goers (new word?).  I started this blog hoping that I would help others who were just like me – looking to go Paleo – dealing with the struggles of trying to figure it out.  I am no expert, but now, 5 years later, I get it.  The logistics of it make sense, and I don’t need to look at recipes much.

“Starting something new, or making a big change requires effort, persistence, and motivation.  Doubt, fear, and worry will only slow you down.
Focus on doing your best now, and celebrate every step of the way.”

– Doe Zantamata – 

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I’m a 36 year old kid at heart. I reached a low point in my life where I felt like I needed to take control before I didn’t have the choice, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. It’s going to be my life long goal to always achieve optimum health…I am still young after all. Here I am, over one year into my Paleo journey, and I never felt better.

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