Embrace Your Inner Caveman or Woman

So once you learn the basics, you can put it into gear.  I would definitely recommend getting a book to help you out if you’re just starting.  Most of them give you a meal plan with a shopping list, and that’s a huge help!  Keeps the guess work out of it all.

The best advice I can give you to help you not feel overwhelmed with cooking – is make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch the next day.  Also, keep your breakfast simple.  The first 30 days, no desserts, minimal snacks, and no alcohol.  It will help you see the results you deserve to see, and to allow your body to adjust.  Commit to 4 weeks of Paleo – blog about it, post it on your social media accounts, tell your friends…just give it your best effort for at least 30 days!  If you do have setbacks, don’t stress it.  Just get back on the horse and keep going!  Embrace your inner caveman or woman…and give it go!


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I’m a 36 year old kid at heart. I reached a low point in my life where I felt like I needed to take control before I didn’t have the choice, and that’s when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. It’s going to be my life long goal to always achieve optimum health…I am still young after all. Here I am, over one year into my Paleo journey, and I never felt better.