Naturally Fermented Sliced Pickles

During my last trip to Life Enhancing Farms in Lancaster, PA, I brought back a jar of lacto-fermented sliced pickles.  They were absolutely delicious so I decided I was going to make my own when this batch was finished.  Using the left over brine I made my own.  Once you make your first batch you will always have enough brine to make more and to spread the wealth to your friends and family.


  • Quart mason jar
  • Sharp knife
  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon


  • 2 organic cucumbers
  • Himalayan or Celtic sea salt – 2 tsp to 2 TBSP depending on taste for salt
  • Filtered water (no chlorine)
  • Pickling spices, if desired
  • Body ecology veggie started dissolved in about ½ cup water, ¼ cup brine from previous batch, or fresh whey


Cut each cucumber length wise in half and slice each into very thin half circles. With clean hands sprinkle 2 tsp salt on sliced cucumbers and massage them gently so that each slice is coated with salt.  Take a quart mason jar and put in the brine or veggie starter then slowly fill up the jar with the cucumbers every so often firmly pushing them down allowing some of their natural juices to release. You want to leave  2 inches at the top for expansion.  Once you have all the cukes in you want to make sure that the water/brine level is covering your pickles, this is an anaerobic process.  If it is not you have to make a filtered water/salt solution and fill the jar until it covers the pickles.  You can add your dill at this time if you choose then put the lid on the Mason jar.  It seems to me like 2/3 days at room temperature works very well, you have to experiment.  Remember: warmer – it will ferment faster, and cooler – it will ferment slower.  Once or twice a day open up the lid to the pickles and push down the top layer so they are submerged.  This will help to avoid any contamination. After the 2/3 days put in the fridge and enjoy.  Save the brine and reuse!

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Dr. Noah is a lifelong Chiropractic patient and Paleo Lifestyle enthusiast. At a very early age Dr. Noah suffered from chronic strep throat and earaches. His health was restored from specific Chiropractic adjusting. Dr. Noah graduated in December 2000 from Life University. He is a member of the ANJC since its inception, an avid runner, a Toastmaster, a Rotarian, Board Member of the Ahern Scholarship Foundation, SHINE Doctor, and co-founder of EPOC NJ. He has been married to his beautiful wife Kerri for 12 years and has two incredible children. Dr. Noah can be reached at 201-437-0033, on Facebook, at my Blog, at my app in the IPhone app store, or at

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